Building & Grounds


Purpose:  acting on behalf of the congregation, to serve as stewards and caretakers  of church property and to oversee the aesthetic appearance of the church


  1. Within the limits of the budget, to arrange for and supervise custodial maintenance and repairs. The committee will work closely with the personnel committee in the hiring of the custodian and in the supervision of his/her work, and will delegate to the minister(s) the day-to-day supervision of these functions.
  2. Insurance: Annually, the committee will review all policies of insurance covering 1) the loss of or damage to the property of the church, 2) those policies covering liability for claims arising from the use of church properties and 3) those policies covering church personnel.
    1. It will make such recommendations to the Council as it considers appropriate concerning the policy limits, the scope of coverage, the cost, and the placement of said policies.
    2. The Council will make final decisions regarding these matters.
  3. Use of facilities: Pursuant to policies to be established by the committee, with the approval of the Council, the use of all church buildings and property will be subject to the approval of the committee.  Upon the request of the Council or at such other time as the committee may observe a need, the committee will consider the construction of new facilities, or the repair or improvement of   existing facilities, or the acquisition of new or different equipment.
  4. Inspections: Annually, committee members will make an inspection of the buildings and other properties of the church for the purpose of determining whether the physical facilities of the church are in a safe condition and whether their condition and appearance enhance the mission of the church.  They will report their findings in writing to the Council.  The report will include the recommendations, if any, that the committee may have for further action.
  5. Ensuring the security of the church: The chairperson of this committee or his/her delegate will be responsible for the lock-up of the church after services on Sunday.
  6. Other duties of the committee include:
    1. Inventory and upkeep of the kitchens
    2. Internal decorating
    3. Upkeep of grounds, lighting, and parking lots
    4. Maintenance of signs
    5. Preparation of an annual Buildings and Grounds budget to be submitted to the Treasurer
    6. Written report of committee activities to the Church Administrator
    7. Oversight for non-elected ministry teams
    8. Preparation of an annual report of committee activities for the annual meeting
    9. Adoption of a plan to ensure a smooth and prompt transition to a new year of committee work