Christian Education


Purpose:  to supervise and direct the educational program of the church, assess educational needs of the church membership, and design a program of Christian education which meets these needs.


  1. Select age-appropriate curriculum for the Christian education of Sunday school, vacation Bible school and confirmation. (Consider cooperating with Mayflower Congregational Church on Bible school.)
  2. Assist in training Sunday school teachers.
  3. Assist in planning, promoting, and implementing any educational activity within the church.
  4. Seek opportunities to network with churches of all denominations re activities involving Christian education of children and youth.
  5. Work with the personnel committee in the selection of nursery supervisors and facilities and ongoing program guidance.
  6. Report committee activities to the Church Administrator.
  7. In consultation with ministry teams, prepare an annual Christian education budget to be submitted to the Treasurer.
  8. Prepare an annual report of committee activities for the annual meeting.
  9. Provide oversight of non-elected ministry teams.
  10. Adopt a plan to ensure a smooth and prompt transition to a new year of committee work

If interested in becoming a member of this committee, please email Michele Schwerin at