Church Committees

Previously, this church had nine standing elected committees. The Council now proposes six, with the duties of three previous committees being absorbed by the six new committees and the Council.

The six committees are:

Worship                                       Karen Heidman
Building and Grounds               John Kiernan
Christian Education                   Michele Schwerin
Church Missions                         Donna Popp
Personnel                                    Duane Hoffmeyer
Pastoral Relations                      (note: This committee is currently complete.)

The Council proposes three principal committee members for each of the six committees, with a Council member being one of those three foundational members. Each committee will engage members at large to help with projects as needed.

Each week from now until late August, you will receive information about the work of each committee, so that you will be able to discern which committee best fits your talents and interests.

Currently, each week an email invites our members to pray for healthy and peaceful outcomes for individuals and communities of special concern. In the following weeks, emails will invite you to be the hands in the world that our mission statement declares we are—each one touching one. Please consider seriously to which one of these six important committees you are willing to commit your time and talents.

Karen Heidman
John Kiernan
Michele Schwerin
Donna Popp
Duane Hoffmeyer