Church Missions


Purpose:  to help our church engage in mission projects throughout the local community and beyond, from needs of our own congregants to those of our community and the world

  1. Provide opportunities for the donation of time, talents, and funds to agencies in our community which help the needy.
  2. Provide opportunities for social justice awareness and action in our community and beyond.
  3. Seek occasions to work with churches of all denominations in projects of mutual concern.
  4. Keep the congregation informed of the work of our denomination’s state, regional, and national mission boards.
  5. Prepare annual mission budget to be submitted to the Treasurer.
  6. Report committee activities to the Church Administrator.
  7. Administer endowment income designated to missions.
  8. Prepare an annual report of committee activities for the annual meeting.
  9. Adopt a plan to ensure a smooth and prompt transition to a new year of committee work.
  10. Provide oversight for non-elected ministry teams.
  11. Coordinate and implement the annual financial stewardship drive.
  12. In concert with the minister, develop regular events for discernment of members’ use of spiritual gifts for the betterment of the congregation and the community.

If interested in becoming a member of this committee, please email Donna Popp at