Becoming a Seller

Fall Children’s Closet 

October 6th & 7th, 2017

Why be a seller at the Children’s Closet?

Better than a garage sale… 

Buyers have an extensive selection of quality goods to shop from. Sellers receive a fair price for their items.

Unlike a rummage  sale…

Buyers can shop for everything under one roof. Sellers have many more shoppers for their items.

“Safer” than a garage sale… 

Sellers don’t have myriads of people wandering around their property and have co-workers to share the “work.”

A great sale for the community because…

Buyers like the idea that 20% of what they spend goes to help other women and children in the community. Sellers know that not only are they getting a fair price for their out-grown, gently-used items, but they are also helping other women and children in the community.

The Children’s Closet is quality passed on.

Seller Information

 Registration – Tues, Aug 15 – Thurs, Sept 14.  Check in – Sun, Oct 1. 

  • All sellers must print, read, and sign the Registration Form
  • All sellers must pay the $25 registration fee.  You may pay:
    • by cash or check in person, Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm at the church building (4600 Hamilton Blvd.)
    • by check by mail (either with your printed registration form or separately if you register online)

All sellers should review:

general info

We will not sell

hanging and tags                 

Toys and games

Check directions for what you plan to sell:

NB-24 mo

Guides for children’s clothing, 2T-14 

tween and teen

Guides for books, DVD and CD

Frequently Asked Questions                                               

Questions? email