Purpose:  to assist the minister in the hiring, evaluation and termination of paid staff.

  1. Upon approval of the Council, create, maintain and review personnel policies.
  2. Assist the minister in an annual evaluation of individual staff members. Solicit input from committees and individuals having direct relations with the staff person in question.
  3. In conjunction with Council, set up an annual review of the minister(s).
  4. Prepare an annual personnel budget to be submitted to the Treasurer.
  5. Report written minutes of committee activities to the Church Administrator.
  6. Prepare an annual report of committee activities for the annual meeting.
  7. Maintain a file of updated documents which include:
    1. Job descriptions for paid staff
    2. Assessment tools for evaluation of staff
    3. Employment policy handbook
  8. Adopt a plan to ensure a smooth and prompt transition to a new year of committee work.