Purpose:  to help the minister(s), music director, and Christian Education Committee develop a worship experience across services and liturgical seasons, integrating members’ talents and inspirations in an effort to create services which reflect our values and encourage us to live lives of faith and integrity

  1. Consider church members’ and visitors’ interests and needs when developing and evaluating services and trainings in order to ensure experiences which are relevant and transformative.
  2. Arrange for pulpit supply when there is no settled minister.
  3. Assist in ministering to the spiritual interests of the church and the community.
  4. Assist with communion.
  5. Coordinate with Music Director and the Creative Worship Team to plan meaningful activities and provide oversight for other non-elected ministry teams.
  6. Seek occasions to cooperate with churches of all denominations in worship exchanges.
  7. Prepare an annual worship budget to be submitted to the Treasurer.
  8. Prepare an annual report of committee activities for the annual meeting.
  9. Adopt a plan to ensure a smooth and prompt transition to a new year of committee work.
  10. Report committee activities to the Church Administrator.
  11. The minister and music director are ex-officio members of this committee.

If interested in becoming a member of this committee, please email Karen Heidman at 1946@cableone.net.